Identify fraud culprits most likely to be a relative, reveals survey

A frightening report carried out by credit-reference agency Experian, revealed that 31% of identity fraud victims knew the perpetrator, with over two-thirds of them suspecting that the fraudster was actually a relative.

In addition, around 25% of ID fraud victims believe that tenants living within the same building are responsible, due to the fact that they can easily access the victims’ mail, which most of the time, is delivered to the shared hallways.

In contrast, only 3% of victims suspected the fraudster was a friend, and just 1% suspected a work colleague.

The two million identities stolen every year have been used for personal financial gain.

There is evidence to suggest that ID fraudsters are now moving away from targeting wealthy individuals and focusing toward gaining higher volumes of lower-value fraud. Changing lifestyles have increased the risk of ID fraud for young professionals and single-parents on low-incomes.

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