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I recently came across an interesting American article that documented the strange things people use their shredders for, here are a few of the more unusual uses … we would like to take this opportunity to say very loudly, “Please don’t try this at home!” 
Starting off with the tame, ending with the completely absurd!

  1. Everlast, who are a manufacturer of products for the boxing industry, use their industrial shredder to shred cloth, which is used to stuff their punching bags!
  2. An industrial shredder/compactor was delivered to a leading toy manufacturer in order for them to destroy offspec fashion dolls, games and collectible cars.  It would have cost them more to employ someone to remove the reusable parts so the whole toy (packaging included) had to be destroyed.  Before ordering the shredder/compactor they used to dump offspec stock at the landfill, however the products kept turning up on the black market and at flea markets – there was obviously some very entrepreneurial people about!
  3. The MGM Grand use their industrial shredder to destroy worn dice, mah jong tiles, decks of cards and casino chips.
  4. It has been reported that a certain casket manufacturer uses shredded material to pad out the silk lining inside their coffins – gives new meaning of taking a secret to the grave!
  5. And now for the strangest … A Mexican restaurant was found to be using their shredder to shred lettuce and tortillas to be used as a garnish in the restaurant!

Please note, we do not (unfortunately!) stock the industrial shredders used in the examples above, however we do have a great range of office shredders, ideal for the more mundane task of shredding confidential documents!

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Posted: 25 May 2010

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