Shredding or Storage?

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April is approaching fast and many are getting ready for financial year end.  Year end presents a challenge for businesses as even the smallest company must keep information on accounts, tax, health and safety and personnel records.  Documents relating to tax for example - must be kept for six years.   Data protection laws mean that has passed the “keep until deadline” must be destroyed.

Many see year end as a chance to make a fresh start, taking the opportunity to look at already archived files and deciding whether to continue to store or destroy them.  A great way to stay organised is to set up a document management system.  By keeping track of what is stored where and ensuring that boxes are clearly labelled allows for easy retrieval.

For long terms document storage of last year’s records the sensible choice is to place them in plastic storage boxes as card board storage boxes deteriorate over time.

Once documents have reached the end of their useful life – they should be shredded. Companies confidential reports and financial information could cause damage financially, ruin reputations and put employees and customers at risk. The vast majority of data is now held on digitally on disk hard drives and most data breaches relate to the loss of CD’s containing sensitive information or on discarded pc’s.

Many businesses are not aware that high spec shredders are able to process electronic media such as CD’s.  It’s pointless to tell employees to destroy sensitive data and then not give them a method or doing it.    A company’s investment in a shredder is often key to their safe disposal policy.   Cross cut shredders offer great protection and Shredders that can shred CD’s are invaluable.

Many are not aware of the difference between a plastic and a steel gear shredder. And opt for a cheaper option with the promise of short term savings.   Cheap shredders can often prove to be false economy and they are often not as durable as the more industrial models. Cheaper models often need to be switched off after prolonged periods of use to allow the motors to cool down. 24 hour continuous duty motors are feature generally only found in the higher end models. This feature does however cause some environmental concerns and so many top end shredders “Power down” after 4 hours non usage.

Posted: 25 March 2011

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