Paper shredder safety

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With the legal obligations businesses face to shred confidential information, shredders are a pretty useful and popular machine in the office. Paper shredders are used to shred any documents that hold payroll records, company trade secrets and client information. Despite it’s uses, shredders can be quite dangerous machines to use, and we want to remind you of the safety risks!

The issue: With shredders sales growing every year, safety risks are becoming more of a serious issue. The risk of injury increases when people who use the shredders don’t fully read the instructions. Common injuries include finger amputations and lacerations.

What to do: Before operating the shredder, keep jewelry, long hair and your ties away from the shredder so that they don’t get caught. Also make sure that the paper to be shredded does not have any staples or paper clips on them. Next, feed the paper into the shredder one piece at a time.

Managerial responsibility: Managers in the office must demonstrate the right way to use the paper shredder to employees. If they fail to do this, injured employees could sue their employers. They are required to fully provide a safety training program that includes how to operate potentially dangerous office equipment, such as shredders.

Children and shredders: Just a word of caution to those who operate home shredders and have children as well. Children, along with adults, are also at risk of injuring themselves on the shredder. Shredders should be stored out of children’s reach at all times. It is unadvisable to allow a child to operate the shredder supervised, as they may not realize quickly enough that their fingers are going to be caught.

Solutions: To reduce the chances of an accident happening, paper shredder manufacturers have developed advanced safety features that are particularly prevalent in newer shredder models. Some shredders have an anti-jam feature installed, which alerts users when they’ve fed too much paper into the machine in one go. When shredders jam, users instinctively put their fingers close to the blades to try ad remove the paper, but this can lead to accidents. offer an extensive range of shredders for all purposes and different levels of security- from general usage through to shredding top secret information!

Posted: 20 August 2010

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