New Shredder Website structure - making it easier to find your paper shredder

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Having researched the way that people search the internet when looking for a paper shredder for work we've restructured our website so that you can find the ideal shredding machine.

We have a massive range of paper shredders for every type of use - including Heavy Duty Shredders, Departmental Shredders, Office Shredders and personal shredders for small office and home use.

The main shredder categories on the website are:

Please let us know what you think about the revised website structure - we love getting feedback from our shredder customers.

Posted: 22 October 2010

Comments (4)

Simon Welbourne | 29 October 2010 10:56

Well Shreddy Eddy and Co you have done it again, it is so easy to search on your site now. Its easy to search between the different sections of safes.

Jo | 5 November 2010 9:33

Just purchased a new shredder from your site and I really did find it easy to use - delivery was quick and checkout one of the easiest I have used

Joss Elworthy | 5 November 2010 10:18

Wow this is great!

Shelly Hammond | 12 November 2010 10:13

Anything that makes it easier for me to find things is okay with me!

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