How to buy the right shredder

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We are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of shredding documents with personal or sensitive data- to protect against identity fraud. Identity fraud costs individuals and businesses £billions every year. The ShredderSupermarket offer a variety of shredders for occasional use through to high performance, frequently used shredders in the office.

Choosing the right shredder:

Firstly, you will need to consider how often the product will be used and the level of security required. It is also important to consider the anticipated workload, as overloading your shredder and constant paper jams will reduce the working life of your shredder. We offer a wide range of shredders with different security levels, also known as the DIN ratings.

Ribbon cut machines shred the paper into unreadable strips. They are perfect for shredding everyday documents and receipts (DIN level 1 & 2).

Confetti/Crosscut machines shred the paper into smaller pieces providing higher security and reducing bulk waste. Suitable for shredding sales data, personal files and personnel documents (DIN rating 3 &  4).

Now you know what sort of shredder you need, check out our great range of shredders: from everyday, confidential, sensitive, to top secret!

Posted: 19 July 2010

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