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Shredders all pretty much the same- they just do the job. But the Fellowes PS-79Ci sets itself apart from the crowd by having several features that make your shredding experience safer, smoother and altogether more enjoyable.

This Fellowes shredder is ideal for shredding documents with confidential information on in record time, and it does the job mighty well too! You can assure that no sensitive information can be retrieved after using this shredder.

If you lead a busy life (who doesn’t?!), and are rushing to shred documents, you may forget how dangerous shredders can be for your fingers. Fortunately, this Fellowes cross-cut shredder is installed with Safe Sense technology, which senses if your fingers are getting too close to the blades and turns itself off. Phew!

Another time-saving feature of this shredder is the Jam Proof System which identifies the paper thickness of what you’re shredding, and assesses whether or not you’ve inserted too much paper in. In this case, the shredder would either just refuse to start, or would automatically pause to reverse the paper back out. It can shred up to 12 sheets of standard 80gsm paper at a time and has a whopping bin capacity of 23 litres, so you won’t have to waste as much precious office time as with other shredders.

It a reliable and sturdy shredder, and can also shred staples, paperclips and credit cards! If you ever need confetti for a wedding, you could use the confetti cut setting on the shredder. Talk about versatile!

Remember to also maintain your shredder (Fellowes or otherwise); oil it regularly (every time it’s emptied should be enough). We have a big selection of shredders and shredder maintenance products available, and always at low prices.

Posted: 13 August 2010

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