Choosing a Shredder with Rexel

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The shredder you choose depends very much on your personal needs. The following parameters need to be taken into consideration:


You have a choice between:

  • Ribbon cut (thin strips for a low level of security)
  • Confetti cut (small pieces for a high level of security)

Within the two types of shredders, you may have a choice of security level based on the width of strip or size of confetti cut. The smaller the cut, the higher the security. Note security level logos on Rexel shredders.


  • Bulk shredding. If you tend to store documents and shred them at once, you will need a shredder that can handle numerous sheets at one time
  • If you ‘shred as you go’, it may not be necessary for the shredder to handle lots of sheets in one pass


  • The larger the shredder bin, the more shredded paper it will be able to store meaning less emptying
  • Small confetti-cut pieces will use up the volume of the bin more than ribbon cut
  • So by choosing a confetti-cut shredder you will enjoy the added benefit of emptying the bin less.


Some shredders are designed for use at a certain location e.g. under the desk, next to the desk, on the desk etc.

Rexel has been producing business machines for over 50 years and have an enviable record of creating superior products, with designs to make your life easier. Rexel shredders are sold in over 120 different countries and have an excellent reputation for quality.

Rexel has two ranges of paper shredders:

  • The Home range - designed with the specific requirements of the everyday home user in mind
  • The Office range - designed for commercial users in a business.

Rexel is a leading brand within the ACCO Brands Corporation, an international office products company, leading the way with product solutions for the modern business, whether in the office, at home or on the move.

Check out our range of Rexel shredders at: there's Everyday, General, Confidential, Sensitive, Top Secret and don't forget your accessories!

Posted: 16 June 2010

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