Shredding or Storage?

Posted: 25 March 2011

Many see year end as a chance to make a fresh start, taking the opportunity to look at already archived files and deciding whether to continue to store or destroy them.

Fellowes lawsuit

Posted: 7 February 2011

Office products international magazine have this week revealed that fellowes are suing rival ACCO for patent infringement.  The law suit alleges that ACCO have infringed upon shredder patents.

New Shredder Website structure - making it easier to find your paper shredder

Posted: 22 October 2010

We've just overhauled the structure of our shredder website, making it even easier for you to find the ideal paper shredder

Risk of Identity theft varies across the UK

Posted: 17 September 2010

Research shows that some areas are more prone to ID theft.

Identity Fraud: who’s most at risk?

Posted: 10 September 2010

Is it you?

ID theft

Posted: 3 September 2010

 Martin Yale explains what ID fraud is and gives a few scary stats!

Shredders’ importance in preventing ID fraud

Posted: 27 August 2010

Experts give advice on shredding.

Paper shredder safety

Posted: 20 August 2010

Shredders are useful office machines, but there are several safety considerations.


Posted: 13 August 2010

One of the best that money can buy.

What to shred, what not to shred

Posted: 5 August 2010

Prevent ID fraud by shredding, and keep the other important documents in a safety deposit box!

Shredder maintenance

Posted: 29 July 2010

Take good care of your shredder so that it can take care of business.

How to buy the right shredder

Posted: 19 July 2010

A quick guide explaining which shredder is suitable for the home and office.

Choosing a Shredder with Rexel

Posted: 16 June 2010

The shredder you choose depends very much on your personal needs. The following parameters need to be taken into consideration:

Be aware

Posted: 7 June 2010

. . . Be on the look out

Security Through Document Destruction

Posted: 4 June 2010

Shredders Help Prevent Identity Theft

Unusual Things People Shred

Posted: 25 May 2010

Starting off with the tame, ending with the completely absurd!

What is identity theft . . . Do you know?

Posted: 18 May 2010

It starts with criminals stealing your personal details . . . and can end up with it ruining your credit rating and seriously damaging your reputation!

There’s a shredder for everyone . . . which kind are you?

Posted: 11 May 2010

Below is a simple explanation, from Fellowes one of the leading manufacturers of shredder, on the basic types of shredders with a few examples shown, but, for all your shredder requirements just take a look at:

Shredder Troubleshooting with Fellowes

Posted: 7 May 2010

Fellowes answer your problems with this troubleshooting guide.

7 ways thieves can get your personal information

Posted: 29 April 2010

The effort required to recover a stolen identity (in some cases up to 175 hours!) is a warning to us all to keep our identity where it belongs – firmly under wraps. 

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